Untamed Devil Bonus Scene

Bonus Scene 

Six Months Later Elle



“Hey, Elle.” Chloe runs up to me and wraps her arms around my waist. “Tag is ready with the picnic.”

I tousle her hair and grin. “Perfect. I hope he didn’t burn the grilled cheese this time.”

“You didn’t see the ones he tried to make last week. They were harder than hockey pucks. Your boyfriend isn’t exactly the best chef.” Chloe rolls her eyes as I laugh.

Tag and I outed our relationship to Chloe the day we got back to Nashville. She gave us her blessing, but I think she knew much more about our relationship than she let on. My parents weren’t as accepting. Well, I guess I should say my father. My mother was happy for me, and we actually talk once a week. She loves Tag and absolutely adores Chloe. She even came up to stay with us for two weeks back in April.

She still nitpicks my hair and clothes. I’m not sure that habit will ever die. But she fully supports me. She’s been behind me every step of the way as I’ve been struggling to start my wedding planning business. It’s just getting off the ground, and I finally have a steady stream of clients. I love it. 

Daddy has come around…some. He visited for a couple of days and admits that I seem a lot happier. Even if it is begrudgingly. He still keeps me updated on Warren’s life—not that I’ve asked—but has stopped asking me to come back to the financial group.

“Oh, come on.” I laugh. “He’s getting better. I may even let him help me make brownies later.”

“For the love of God, no. You can’t let him ruin the brownies.”

“Fine. He can watch. How are you feeling about the court decision?”

Chloe shrugs and hums to herself. It’s something she does when she’s thinking. Tag got full custody of Chloe a few days ago, and we’ve yet to really talk about how she feels about it. Tag was over the moon that she was finally his. The whole time we were in court, he was so worried Finley would pop up and demand Chloe back. As much as we’d like to know Tag’s sister is okay and doing well, we haven’t heard from her at all. Even when they tried to reach out to her for the court hearing. It’s pretty despicable, really, but we’re trying to forgive for Chloe’s sake.

“I don’t know. I’m still mad at my mom for not coming back. It took me a while to realize how selfish she is. I am happier here, though. I have you and Uncle Tag, and that’s really all I need.”

“You’ll always have me.”

“Alright.” Chloe gives me a light shove. “Enough with the mushy stuff.”

Chloe and I walk out into the backyard and the sight takes my breath away.  Tag is standing at the end of a walkway made with electric candles with rose petals scattered between them. He’s wearing a suit, complete with a vest and bow tie, that he hates.

As soon as he sees me, a slow smile spreads across his face, and I find myself smiling back.

I shoot Chloe a look, doing my best to appear stern. “Did you help organize this behind my back?”

“I sure did.” She beams at me and throws her arms around my shoulders. “We’ve been planning it all week. Don’t worry, I have a snake we can put under his pillow as payback.”

I try to hide my laughter behind my hand. “I can’t wait. I love you, Chloe.”

“I love you too. Now go. I think he’s waiting for you.”

My legs shake as I push myself to stand. I take a deep breath and clasp my hands in front of me to steady them. Tag waits patiently. He’s in no rush, just waiting down there with that same easygoing grin he always has. My feet move toward him of their own volition and within seconds I’m standing toe-to-toe with the love of my life.

“What, no grilled cheese?” I tweak the corner of his bow tie.

He shakes his head. “I didn’t want to poison you today.”


“No.” He shakes his head again and, as he does, kneels down on one knee.

My hands fly to my mouth, and I gasp. My heart races and I swallow past the lump in my throat. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but he looks nervous. He’s wiping his hands on his pants before one of them dives into his pocket, and he pulls out a small black velvet box.

“Oh. My. God,” I murmur. 

“Ethel.” He smiles and grasps one of my hands in his. “You are my one true love. My soulmate. My other half. I tried to fight it, I really did. Between helping me with Chloe and helping us find and build a home, you slayed me at every turn. Your kindness. Your beauty. You were a force I couldn’t resist. Even after you agreed to be my fake wife and told me I wasn’t allowed to kiss you.”

My hands tremble as I chuckle. The day we went house hunting seems like so long ago. It was hard to fight my feelings for him, even back then.   

“Well, I did kiss you because I couldn’t tear myself away. I know I should’ve been sorry, but all I could think of was doing it again. You’re the only woman I see. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I don’t even want to try. I love you more than I ever thought possible. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

He flicks open the box and inside is a gorgeous princess cut surrounded by smaller diamonds that also go around the band. It has a slightly old-fashioned feel to it. It’s perfect.

The words are caught in my throat. I want to scream ‘Yes!’ but, instead, I nod as fast as I can. Tears prick at the corners of my eyes and Tag stands, sliding the ring on my left hand. One tear escapes and slides down my cheek. He brushes it away before trailing his fingers along my jaw and lowering his mouth to mine for a long—if a little chaste—kiss.

“Did she say yes?” Chloe shouts at us from the patio, waving her arms around.

“She said yes,” he calls down to her, molding me to him and holding me tight.

She breaks out into a dance I think is called the floss, and I rest my head against Tag’s chest.

“I love you so much.” I run my hands up his back and clutch him to me. I stand there, for what seems like forever, listening to the beat of his heart. I’m so grateful I went to the bar with Lucy that night. If I hadn’t, I would’ve never met this smooth-talking devil. I would’ve never had the chance to tame the wild bachelor. I would’ve never known true happiness.

“How soon can you plan this wedding for us?”

“What’s the rush?” I lean back and smile, giving him another quick kiss.

He glances at Chloe. “No rush, per say, but I want Chloe to be a big sister soon.”

“You…what?” Again, my vocabulary is stellar.

“Elle, I want to see you pregnant with my kid more than I want to see anything.” He looks down to my breasts and smiles. “Well, maybe not more than these. If you’re not ready, I understand, but I want it all with you.”

“We might be able to put that option on the table once we’re married. And, if you’re open, we could practice tonight.”

“Oh, I’m very open. You’re going to be surprised how open I am.”

I chuckle and pull him down for another kiss. When it comes to sex, I think I know exactly how open he is. We can never seem to keep our hands off each other, and I don’t want that to change. I can’t wait to officially be Mrs. Ethel Louise Harris.

Or maybe I can change the rest of my name too…







Thank fuck she said yes. If she hadn’t, I was prepared to beg. Like crawling on my knees, clutching at her skirt, and crying until she said yes. It would’ve been super embarrassing and Chloe would’ve brought it up at every major holiday, but she’s worth it. She’s worth everything.

“You should’ve showed me these pictures before you proposed,” Elle calls out as I walk into the bedroom and close the door behind me after saying goodnight to Chloe. She’s standing beside an open dresser drawer looking at the underwear ad pictures I’d hidden months ago and forgotten about. “I would have said yes faster.”

“You don’t see me in my underwear enough?” I walk up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder.

She flips to the next picture, a side profile that highlights the deep V and the package it points to. “Not like this. Jesus. Is that your real dick?”

“What do you think it is?”  I chuckle, planting a kiss on the side of her neck.

“I don’t know. A fat banana? Knee high socks? A can of Dr. Pepper?”

I push away from her, clutch my belly, and double over with laughter. My stomach cramps, my eyes water, and I struggle to breathe. Remember guys, side profiles are your friends. Well, unless you have something you don’t want accentuated.

I sure do and Elle knows it. Whether she wants to admit it or not.

I’ll show her a fat banana.

“Come on, Tag.” Elle pushes my shoulder and continues to stare at the picture in disbelief. “This has to be a prosthetic or something.”

“I’m pretty sure I should be offended. Are you saying my junk is small?”

“No, not at all.” Her gaze falls to my groin before traveling back to the picture. “This is just huge.”

I snatch the picture out of her hand and toss it on the floor behind us. It would seem that my fiancé needs a wiener reminder. She’d know exactly how big it is if it were in her mouth right about now.

“Strip and get on the bed.” My words are a command, and I don’t need to watch to know she’s following my orders.

Instead, I stalk over to the bedroom door, locking it, before turning back to the bed. Elle kneels in the middle of it, peering at me with a hungry look in her eyes and a lazy smile stretched across her face. Her breasts are still swaying from crawling across it and her nipples are already hard, practically begging for my mouth. My dick hardens in my sweats, my blood simmers with lust, and I want nothing more than to impale her with my cock over and over until we both come. Multiple times.

But not yet. 

“Lean back. Spread your legs. And finger your pussy,” I grind out, whipping the white t-shirt over my head and tossing it to the floor.

Her gaze turns speculative as she quirks a brow. Her hesitation is enough to ensure some delayed gratification on her part. It seems like my sweet Elle wants to play.  


This time she’s quick to follow through, leaning back with a whimper and parting those luscious thighs of hers. Her sweet cunt glistens with arousal, and I bite back a groan as her hand slips between her legs. She parts her slick folds, drawing a finger down the seam and dipping it inside her.

Her smile stretches wider as she draws that finger in and out of her at a pace so slow, Christmas might come before she does.

She’s testing me tonight. Me and my patience, which had already thinned the second I saw her smooth core.  

“I didn’t say to tease either one of us,” I growl, stepping out of my pants and gripping the base of my rigid cock. “Fuck yourself like you want me to fuck you. Show me how much you want this cock.”

“So bossy.” Elle smirks, but adds a finger and increases her pace, plunging her fingers in and out of her cunt. She moans and writhes on the bed, her hips rising up to meet her demanding pace. 

I stroke my hand along my throbbing shaft, wishing I could swallow every single one of her cries. My balls ache and no amount of self-pleasure will do. Not when Elle’s near. The only release that even remotely satisfies me is in her tight curvy body. Or across her generous tits.  

Several minutes I stand there watching her. Or at least it feels that way before I can’t take it anymore. I have to have her. I have to sink into her beautiful body and fuck us both into a stupor. 

Crawling on the bed, I pull her fingers from her core and suck each one into my mouth, relishing her flavor as it coats my tongue. I love the taste of her. I could eat her for every meal of the day, and now that she’s agreed to be my wife, I just might.  

“Tag…” Elle trails off to end on a moan as I let her fingers fall from my mouth, push her back on the bed, and inch my way up her body. “I need you inside me.”

“Me too, sugar. I love you so much.” I line myself up at her entrance, kissing the curve of her shoulder, her neck, her jaw and finally her lips. I claim her mouth at the same time I thrust my hips and claim the rest of her. 

She shifts beneath me, rising to meet my hips, and murmurs against my mouth. “I love you. I can’t wait to be your wife.”

“Just after you admit how fucking real my cock is.” I lunge forward, bottoming out inside her. 

“Fuck yes,” she groans, gripping my shoulders and throwing her head back. “I love your big fucking cock. I take everything back.”

I chuckle and continue to drive into her. Elle whimpers and moans before burying her face in the crook of my shoulder and using my body to muffle her cries. I shift, adjusting my angle so my pelvis grinds against her clit. 

Her walls begin to flutter and pulse around me.We come together. Elle milking my cock and spasming around me while I fill her with my cum. It’s only a matter of time before I can do this for real. Before we can make a baby together. She may want to get married first, but I can practice every day until we get there. Let’s hope she can throw together a quick wedding because I’m one I love you away from throwing away her birth control. 

After two more rounds and several more orgasms, Elle disappears to the bathroom to start a shower. I push off the bed to join her when my phone on the nightstand dings. I glance down, see Linc’s name flash across my screen, and pick up the phone. 

Linc Does Dallas: So, what did she say? Are you engaged yet? Or did you chicken out?

Me:  I’m sure I can ask her tomorrow. It’ll be fine.

Linc Does Dallas: Oh, come on. 

Me: Of course she said yes. I was mostly sure she’d say yes.

Linc Does Dallas: You fucker. I can’t believe you’re engaged before me. 

Linc Does Dallas: I mean I’m excited for you. But shit. 

Me: And why exactly am I engaged before you? What are you waiting for?

Linc Does Dallas: You know I’ve been wanting to ask her since she told the world she loved me. 

Me: And?

Linc Does Dallas: And I’m waiting for the perfect time.

Me: When is that?

Linc Does Dallas: You’re an asshole. You know that, right?

Me: Yep. My FIANCE is waiting for me in the shower. See ya tomorrow. 

Linc Does Dallas: Congrats dick. Have fun with your fiancé. 

And have fun I shall. I shall have a fucking lifetime full of fun with my beautiful family. Chloe and Elle are everything I thought I couldn’t have and everything I need to make my life complete. 

Tag Harris gets a happily ever after. Who would’ve thought?


What's next?

Broody Devil

💍 An Accidental Marriage
🔥 Forced Proximity
🧨 Enemies To Lovers
😈 A Grumpy Hero
👠 A Sassy Heroine
🏒 And A Whole Team Of Hot Hockey Players

The last thing I need is a wife. Especially if it’s the one woman who can’t stand me.

I’m the bad boy of the NHL. The enforcer with a mean punch and bad attitude. The ladies don’t seem to mind and my stick is always ready to go. So, I have a few scandals. Who doesn’t?

Everything was fine until she clicked into my life with her hot pink Barbie heels. After one too many tabloid exploits, my career is in jeopardy, and she demands I clean up my act.

I can’t not say no. Even if I want to. The stakes are too great.

Turns out I’m not so good at behaving and even drag Miss Perfect into the mud when we wake up naked, hungover, and wearing matching wedding bands. But it’s one problem I can fix with an easy annulment. That is, until the press and her parents come knocking on our door.

Now, we have to pretend to like each other. Wouldn’t be too hard except I’m finding I like having her under my skin.

When this fake marriage gets checked, can I convince my wife I’m worth the risk?

Broody Devil is a laugh out loud, pucking steamy, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, accidental marriage sports romance. This book is a full-length standalone with no cheating, cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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