They say I’m theirs. They say they aren’t ready to let me go. Too bad they only bought me for a night.

Selling my virginity is an easy decision. I need money, and the masquerade auction is the perfect opportunity to make enough cash to get far away from Chicago and the family who turned their backs on me.

I thought I knew what to expect until I saw them standing before me.



Sexy as sin.

Three masked men, each one more possessive than the last. Their rough touch is what I crave and when they hunt me in the woods I’m torn between wanting to get away and the desire to get caught.

They make me cry. They make me scream. They make me beg.

I may not be a saint, but I shouldn’t want them, especially after I find out who they are.

One night is all I can offer because staying is a price none of us can pay.

*This is a ‘why choose’ dark romance prequel to the Executioners Of Malice and ends on a cliffhanger. There may be scenes that are triggering to some, please check the author note inside.*

Available in: eBook, Paperback

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