Nashville Aces

Loose End

Nashville Aces
​Football Novella

Down, set, play!

Muscled men on every… single… page!

Beauty, brains, and talent, can the fierce women from each story whip these players into shape?

This heart racing, sweat pouring, limited edition collection is full of unforgettable romances, built to stand the test of time.

From bad boy quarterbacks to sweet short stops, the characters use the field to their advantage.

All your favorite story lines with the right amount of heat.

Don’t miss the plays in this fiery collection.

Tight End

Tight End

Rule number one: don’t fall in love.

Simple, right?

I couldn’t be more wrong.

The rules are there for a reason and no matter how much the ladies beg, I won’t break them for anyone. I almost did once, but I learned my lesson after a one night stand had her fleeing faster than Cinderella. She left me with no last name, no phone number, and a ridiculously fluffy wedding dress.

She did me a favor. Really, she did.

Now, I’m at the top of my game and one of the best tight ends in the NFL. So you can imagine my surprise when the new locker room reporter is none other than Cinderella herself. June is even more beautiful than I remember. Funny, witty, and completely over her head.

Our relationship needs to stay strictly professional, despite those bedroom eyes she keeps throwing my way. June deserves a man who can give her a future and that’s something I can’t do.

I won’t break my rules for anyone. Even her.

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