Dirty Devil Bonus Scene

Bonus Epilogue




“Is that what you’re wearing?” My dad pulls the phone closer to his face like it’s going to give him a better view of my offending outfit, but the only thing it does is give me a close up of his left eye and an overly large nostril. 

“What’s wrong with it?” I gesture to my dress shirt and trousers. It’s not like I’m in sweatpants and a stained t-shirt. “And you know getting closer to the phone doesn’t mean you can see me better, right? Face Time doesn’t work that way, Dad.”

If possible, he shifts even closer, and now I can see straight up his nose. At least there are no bats in the cave. “You could at least put on a tie or something.”

“We’re just going to The Eye and coming back to your place. Avery will get suspicious if I’m putting on the full Craig charm.”

“I said tie, not tie and jacket.”

“Fine, I’ll put on a tie.”

“The dark blue one.”

I sigh but grab the blue one, as instructed, while he grabs Mason and shows him how dashing I look through the phone. 

“Dadda.” Mason makes a grab for the phone and my dad pulls it out of his reach before he can grab it and put it in his mouth. 

“Hey, little man.” I smile but that quickly drops when I hear rustling outside the hotel door. “Avery’s back, I’ve got to go. See you guys later.”

“Not that you need it, but good luck.” Dad and Mason are all smiles as they hang up, and I manage to slide the phone in my pocket and lean against the dresser in a very casual pose as Avery walks into the room. 

“What are you doing?” Her pretty hazel eyes narrow on me as she tosses the small suitcase she’d gotten from the car on the bed. 

“Nothing.” I push off the dresser and fix my tie. “Just checking to make sure the furniture in this hotel is as sturdy as they boast. I might have some uses for that dresser later.”

I wink and run my tongue along my lower lip, loving the faint pink blush she gives me in return. No matter how many times I defile her–and trust me, it’s a lot–she still has an air of innocence around her. I really am the luckiest wanker alive. 

I can’t wait to officially make her mine, and no that doesn’t mean anal, you pervert. I’m not opposed to that; it’s just not my intention tonight. 

She closes the space between us, and as she runs a hand down the length of my tie, I suck in a breath, wishing she were running her hand along something else instead. Maybe we could stay here tonight and take advantage of our British babysitter. 

No. Dammit. I’m going to be romantic, even if it kills me, and that doesn’t involve stroking my dick as much as I hate it. That’ll have to wait till later. 

“I thought you were taking me to The Eye?” Her lips purse as she gives my tie a playful tug. “Should I change? I feel a little underdressed.”

“No, you’re perfect.” If I let my gaze linger on her tight floral dress any longer, we’ll never get out of this room. I press a chaste kiss to her lips before grabbing her hand and lacing our fingers together. “Let’s go see Big Ben, and everything else London has to offer.” I lower my voice to a whisper and run my nose along the shell of her ear. “And if you’re lucky, later I’ll show you Big Craig.” 

“Is that your dad?” She laughs as I pull her out the door and lead her down the hall toward the elevator. “Because if it is, I already met him. He’s a nice man and all, but not the one I’m interested in.”

“I wasn’t, but thanks for ruining that joke forever.”

“You’re welcome.” 

“I should give you a spanking for that.”

“What makes you think I wouldn’t like that? Sometimes a good girl needs a little lesson in discipline.”

The smirk she gives me almost has me dragging her back to the hotel room. Almost. 



As we make our way through the streets of London and along the River Thames, I slip my free hand in my pocket, running my fingers along the small velvet box. 

If Avery wants to see the city, then I’ll make sure it’s a night she never forgets. 

I think those books she’s got me reading have made me a little more extra, if that’s possible. The guys are always doing these big, over the top gestures to express their love, and I know Avery doesn’t need it, but she deserves it.

Especially since she’s worked so hard the past couple of months to get her second book published. She’s not in the top one hundred yet, but I bet she’ll be there soon.   

“Do you think we should check in with your dad? Make sure he and Mason are doing okay?” Avery asks as I direct us into the VIP entrance for the Eye. 

“Already did.” I show the attendant our reservation and she shows us to our private pod, securing the door behind us. “He’s over the moon having Mason there. He keeps asking me when we’re going to have more.”

“Oh, he does?”




Oh, shit. Does he know? 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. We were supposed to have time to be together and enjoy our relationship without having to stress about bringing in more complications.

Foster’s grown the past several months. He’s made up with his dad, and really seems to accept that he can be in control of his own happiness. But what if this is the thing that pushes him over the edge? It’s only been seven months since we started our real relationship, and there’s no way he knows if he wants to be tied to me for the rest of his life, right? 

Before Foster can answer my question, I turn around and shoot him a look. “Did you rent out the entire pod?”

He shrugs like it’s no big deal and shoves his hands in his pockets. “I might have.”

“Of course you did.” I turn around, hiding my smile. He’s always going out of his way to do romantic things for me. 

When my second book was released, he had the entire hockey team make videos with it to use for social media, and then threw me a party the next day at our house. He even made a cake that looked like an actual cake. We haven’t seen a reappearance of the lasagna, but he might be saving that for our anniversary. 

So maybe he’ll take this news well. Maybe he won’t run away screaming. Maybe he won’t think being tied to me for at least eighteen years won’t be so bad.  

I can only cross my fingers and hope. 

“There’s not a lot I won’t do to get you alone.” He comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around my middle and holding me close. 

I lean my head back and get lost in his scent, the familiar citrusy leather smell putting me at ease. He’s home. 

The sun sets before The Eye begins to move, and the twinkling lights of the city below us takes my breath away. London is truly a beautiful city, and I can easily imagine living here one day–or at least vacationing here during the off season. 

“What do you think?” Foster murmurs in my ear, before his lips begin to trail along my neck. 

“It’s gorgeous.” 

“Yeah, you are,” he whispers, taking a few steps back and I turn, my brows raising as he drops down to one knee.

“Foster,” I gasp, my hands covering my mouth as my heart races. 

He smiles and slips a hand into his pocket as that stray lock of hair falls across his forehead, but he’s quick to brush it back as he pulls out a small velvet box. 

Holy shit. Holy shit.

Calm your tits, Avery. It could be a necklace or a pair of earrings.

But my tits, along with the rest of me, refuse to be calm.

“Avery, I was lost before you came along. I was stumbling in the dark, trying to find my way in this world, and then you came in, shining like the brightest star in the sky. You saved me. You made me want a life, a family, and gave me a reason to wake up day after day with a smile on my face.” He takes a deep breath and opens the box, revealing a huge princess cut solitaire diamond. “You and Mason are my family, and I love the both of you more than I ever thought possible. You are my future, the other half of my soul, and I would be absolutely lost without you.”

“Holy shit.” 

Foster chuckles, and shakes his head, pulling the ring from the box. “Avery Remington, will you marry me?”

“Are you sure?” I whisper before I suck in a breath and clamp my mouth shut. 

“I’m sure.”

Instead of answering right away, I drop down to my knees and cup his face. “I come with baggage, Foster. I need you to be sure this is what you want.”

“As soon as you’re legally mine, I want to adopt Mason.”

My eyes widen and I lean back, digging in my purse and cursing myself for not making sure this was right on top. His brows scrunch together, but he remains quiet, watching me, and I’m sure he’s wondering what the hell I’m doing in my purse at a time like this.

“Then maybe you won’t mind this.” I hand him a Ziploc bag with a small white stick sealed inside.

“What is it?” He takes it with the hand not holding the ring, and looks at me expectantly. 

“A positive pregnancy test. I realized I was a bit late and took it this morning.”

His smile is blinding as he looks between me and the test before crashing his lips to mine in a kiss that I can feel all the way to my toes. “I hope you didn’t think this would change anything. I want you, Avery, and I want you pregnant with all my babies.”


“At least two more.” He brings the ring between us, puts the plastic bag on the ground, and runs his thumb across my bottom lip. “What do you think, Avery? Are you going to make me the happiest man in London? Will you marry me?”

My eyes fill with tears and I nod, letting one slip down my cheek as he slides the ring on my finger. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He wraps me in his arms and rests his forehead against mine.

We spend the rest of the ride lost in each other, and I don’t regret a single second of missing the London skyline. I can always see it later. 

Foster is my future. 

My everything. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. 

His hand finds mine as we make our way back to the street, but before we make it to the sidewalk, he pulls us to a stop. 

“Hold on, I need to make a call really quick.” I nod as he grabs his phone, and has it up to his ear seconds later. “Hey, Remington. I just want you to know I knocked up your sister. Have a great summer.”  

I can hear my brother’s curse before Foster turns off his phone and slides it back in his pocket. He looks at me with a rueful smile plastered on his face and I can’t help but laugh. “That was just mean.” 

“Your brother is a big boy, he’ll be fine. We’ll call him later and tell him the rest of the good news. He’ll love it.” He tucks me under his arm and kisses my temple. “Come on, let’s go back to the hotel.”

“We’re not going back to your dad’s flat?”

He shakes his head, his hand slipping down my back to grab my ass. “Not yet. Seeing that ring on your finger does something to me, and I intend to spend the next thirty minutes with my head buried between your legs.”

“Hotel is good.” 

“Let’s go Mrs. Craig.”

“We’re not married yet.”


“Soon enough, princess. Soon enough.”  

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