About Me

About the Author

Melissa Ivers is a contemporary romance author from Kentucky. She lives in the Bluegrass State with her teenage son who rolls his eyes at basically everything she does. She has two rescue dogs who love attention right when she’s in the writing zone. She has numerous fictional boyfriends, but-shhhh-they don’t know about each other. ​

Because adulting is so hard, she has worked in surgery for almost twenty years although, writing has always been her passion. A passion she began with stories and bad poems on her mom’s typewriter at the age of eleven.  ​

When she isn’t writing or working, you’ll find her under a blanket on the couch reading a book off Kindle (I know, super exciting). She also likes to binge watch shows off Netflix, baking yummy treats, and being an all around joy in everyone’s life-no comments from the peanut gallery. 

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