Melissa Ivers

Melissa Ivers resides in deep in the Kentucky bluegrass with her son, and three dogs who always want something when she’s writing. She’s been in medicine almost all her life and absolutely loves surgery. You know, and helping people. 

She’s been writing stories since the sixth grade, but Forbidden Devil (the first of the Nashville Devils series) was the first novel she ever finished. 

When Melissa isn’t writing, you can find her snuggled in a blanket binge watching something on netflix (if she’s not working). She runs on diet coke, sarcasm, and severely lacks a filter. 

Random Facts about me

  • My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers and brother’s best friend
  • I was born in Massachusetts but I have a southern accent
  • I joined the military when I was 18
  • My favorite colors are black and purple
  • I’m a huge nerd and was in drama all through high school
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology
  • I hate snakes but my son loves them
  • I lived in Germany for 2 years
  • My favorite Devil would have to be Rhett (sorry boys)
  • I live for stanger things and diet coke


Melissa Ivers

Melissa Ivers
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